We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and productive working environment for all employees, contractors, customers and visitors involved in its operation. 

This policy sets out our aims in reducing and managing alcohol and drug problems in the workplace. 

Alcohol and drug problems are associated with a wide variety of costs for employers and employees. These costs include ill-health sickness absence, reduced work performance, and accidents.

Consumption of drugs and alcohol (including prescription and over the counter drugs) or intoxication during working hours implicates the health and safety of the individual and others, since these substances impair coordination, judgement, and decision making. Irresponsible behaviour resulting from the misuse of drugs and/or alcohol may damage our reputation and/or business, and as such, is a policy matter.

Policy Objectives 

  1. To state our position on alcohol and drugs within the workplace. 
  2. To ensure we comply with appropriate legislation. 
  3. To minimise the creation of risks caused by or associated with alcohol and drugs at work. 
  4. To have clear rules regarding substance misuse in the workplace. 
  5. To provide employees with training on the adverse health effects of alcohol and drugs.
  6. To encourage the early identification of substance misuse 
  7. To support employees experiencing alcohol and drug problems. 
  8. To provide sufficient training and support to line managers to make sure they feel able to support employees experiencing problems. 


Alcohol abuse – we define alcohol abuse as any drinking, either intermittent or continual, which interferes with health and/or social functioning and/or work capability or conduct. 

Drug – we define drugs as illegal, prescribed and over the counter medicines and solvents. In the case of prescribed and over the counter drugs, we recognise that their possession and use by the employee is legitimate. 

Drug abuse – we define drug abuse as the use of illegal drugs, the deliberate misuse of prescribed or over the counter drugs, and the use of solvents, either intermittent or continuous, which interfere with health and/or social functioning and/or work capability or conduct. 

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