Purpose Moulded Mobile Spill Recycling Station – 4 Wheeled

The Spill Station is the perfect partner for Eliminator Absorbent. Used together you will have the most economical solution to all your spill problems.

With the Spill Station you will not only cut your absorbent consumption but also save hours of valuable employees cleaning time. The fact that Eliminator Absorbent binds together when absorbing liquids, allows saturated lumps to be separated from the unused absorbent, therefore you no longer need to worry that unused absorbent is being thrown away.

All the absorbent put onto the spill is placed into the sieve in the tip of the Spill Stations and any unsaturated Eliminator Absorbent falls back into the unit ready for use next time. The small amount of fully saturated Eliminator Absorbent left in the sieve can then simply be thrown away.

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Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 115 × 80 × 71 cm

£420.00 + VAT